Monday, April 28, 2008

Princess Farhana - Bellydance Basics

Overall: Entertaining
Duration: 35 minutes of instruction
Recommended for when you need a change from your old stand-by DVDs

Let me start by saying that I love her personality - her charm never ceases to make me smile. I took a TribalFest workshop from her, and while I picked up some cool burlesque moves, I would have been happy just listening to her tell stories for 2 hours.

While she's obviously a decent cabaret dancer, her technique just seems "ok" to me (not fabulous) and the performance was pretty uninspiring. There's only 35 mins of dance instruction on there, and she goes over everything once with very little detail or repetition - I'm not sure a true beginner could really follow it.

Also, it seems
like she wasn't mic'd, so they were relying on a mic on the camera
or something. The sound is really muddled and hard to understand at times. Overall, it was probably better than sitting on my butt watching tv, but I'm not sure I got much out of it.

On the plus side, she has FANTASTIC facial expressions throughout everything, which I really enjoyed. She also does a really cute intro. And there's a montage at the beginning that showcases a very entertaining array of her costuming. I think the zebra striped one was my fave!

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