Monday, April 28, 2008

Kassar - Fluid Precision: Contemporary Tribal Bellydance

Overall: very disappointing
Duration: 1 hour (which is ore than anyone can stand)

For the record, I love watching these girls dance so I was very excited to get their DVD! Unfortunately, its pretty disappointing. There are some cute moves, and lots of material, but the instruction isn't very good at all, and nor do I think the technique is
all that great.

For the performance piece, I didn't find them perfectly sync'd as they seemed in the past, and the camera work has got some weird, hand-held "rock concert" style angles that were strange.

The 45 minute warm-up is decent, but the taller girl does such a weird thing with her right arm and right shoulder that I question whether she was injured or something. The smaller one had such dis-proportionally large breasts that my boyfriend walked past and was mesmerized for about 5 minutes. Now, there's nothing wrong with a big rack, you just need to dress for it.

The isolations were only 15 minutes, and a joke. They moved quickly through taxim, over taxim and some chest stuff so fast it wasn't effective. And again, the taller girl was so off she appeared to be doing different moves entirely.

And to tell the truth, I really wasn't a fan of the choreography they put on there. There was a nice move here and there, but overall, I can't every playing this DVD again.

Available from World Dance New York

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