Monday, April 28, 2008

Gypsy Caravan - Tribal Technique 6: Tribal Styling

Overall: Don't bother
Duration: 30 minutes

I would retitle it "Indian Stylings & Skirt Swishing". The quality overall was poor - like the DVD had been made from a VHS tape. The picture was not at all sharp - lots of pixel loss.

It was 10 mins of warmup, 15 mins of instruction, and 5 mins of practice, which might make this the shortest DVD I've done yet! The rest was a bunch of footag of them from Tribalfest & TQNW. One of the stranger parts was when Paulette made her other girl do situps
while she sat there and described them.

Overall, the whole program was neither challenging or interesting. The instruction wasn't very good, and since they didn't bother to flip the video, a lot of it was hard to follow (left meant right, etc etc). Also, since they had big skirts on for half the time, you couldn't see what their feet were doing, not that I need much instruction for waving my skirt back and
forth anyways.

Available from Gypsy Caravan

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