Friday, March 27, 2009

Asharah - Modern Tribal Bellydance

Overall: Plenty of material, but the instruction could be more detailed
Duration: 2.5 hours +
Recommended for people who love Ariellah's DVD, but are a little burned out from doing it over and over again.

The DVD starts with about 45 minutes of warm-up and conditioning.  Asharah has a nice mix of stretching, strength conditioning, and warm-up drills and they aren't the same old routines so that's very refreshing.  Her instruction is adequate for an experienced dancers, but could use more detail to reach beginners. Its especially challenging when you're doing stretches where you can't face the tv - you just can't tell what you're supposed to be doing!

There are a lot of good drills on there - over half an hour on hips alone.  She does all the hip work on flat feet as well as up on her toes, with level changes, and also sometimes with one foot lifted entirely off the ground.  Its a good workout and a thorough set of drills. However, she does tend to count things down like an aerobics instructor, which gets a little irritating after a while. 

She has about 20 minutes of strobing (aka ticking) - I haven't seen another bellydance DVD cover this, and Asharah definitely executes well on it.  Its a nice breakdown of how to do it, and some good drills that ease you into the idea.  She covers arms, chest, and body undulations.  This is followed by 6 different combinations, which she breaks down and drills. And then there's about 10 minutes of cool down, a component often overlooked by other DVDs.  All in all, an impressive amount of material - so much so, it took me 3 different sessions to get through it all!

As I've come to expect from World Dance, this is a very professional production with an abundance of material.  It would be great to see their dancers in a nicer setting once in a while, but I guess if that's my biggest complaint, they must be doing something right.

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