Sunday, June 8, 2008

FatChanceBellyDance - Tribal Basics Vol. 7 Creative Steps and Combinations

Overall: A lot of combos, but a hard to follow
Duration: About 1.5 hours of instruction, plus a performance
Recommended for people who pick things up quickly/aren't concerned with the details.

So overall, this video is more of a "do as I say, not as I do". Or maybe its "do as I do, not as I say"?  Hard to tell really. There is instruction, and there is supporting video, but a lot of times Carolena would demonstrate things differently than you would expect based on the narration.  The queues are "soft", to say the least. 

The warm up was practically non-existent, and definitely didn't get me warm. According to Carolena, you should be sure to tuck your hips during the warm up since that's the only time you'd be concerned with that. (?!?!)  She wasn't kidding, though - there were several times in the video I had to stop and gape at her butt-out posture.

There is a TON of material on here - provided you can decide for yourself what's going on.  Even with the close-up inset of her feet (which was a great idea and something I've never seen before), its pretty hard to follow her queues. A lot of the moves incorporate turns, so there's always an angle you can't see, especially if you're following along at home.  

Another complication is that the music doesn't always seem to be sync'd up, which is distracting. And Carolena doesn't always start a new move on the one, which is her choice of course, but something that I struggled with compared to my own style of dancing.

All that said, there were some cute combos on there, especially if you like floreos.  Lots and lots of floureos. Maybe they should consider renaming it to Tribal Basic 7 - Creative Floureos.

The performance piece I thought was helpful - they covered all the moves on the DVD and its great to see them done by a big group and some different girls executing them. The overall presentation of combos was something that worked well for me - a group performance of the combo, then a quick into note by Carolena, a demonstration by Carolena, then the breakdown, then repeated practice of the combo.  Again, had the narration been in line with the demos, this would have been brilliant!

So if you're into ATS, this should add some new combos into your arsenal, but it won't become your standby for drilling/workout a la Rachel Brice or Ariellah.

Available for purchase from FCBD 

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